Our service begins with a free consultation in your home. This allows us to get to interact with you the client and your animal. Together we can assess your specific needs and develop a relationship with you and your pet. Our main goal is to make sure both of you are fully comfortable.  First impressions are everything, and we at The Barky Bunch guarantee to make a good one!



Work can be demanding and sometimes you can’t get home to your pet in time. We are happy to accommodate you. Whether you need a morning, mid day, or evening visit, just let us know your schedule and we are there.

  • $20 per 30 minute visit

  • $29 per 45 minute visit

  • $25 for jog/run per 30 minute visit

*$5 extra per dog, per vist


The benefits of doing over nights are tremendous to your pets happiness and health.

  1. Less risk to your pets health
    • boarding your pet leaves them prone to infections from other animals, the stress of being surround by mulitple other animals, and the possibility of change in diet.
  2. Familiar Environment
    • your pet will remain stress free in their home and get the love and attention the deserve.
  3. Convenience
    • traveling is stressful enough, you don’t need to add more by worrying if your pet is in good hands and safe.
  • $80 (guaranteed 12 hours a day, including mid day visit)

  • $150 for 24 hour boarding IF available


We don’t just cater to dogs. We love cats just as much!

  • $15 per visit

    • 3 or more cats is an additional $2 per cat, per visit

Pet-Taxi Service

Need someone to take your pet somewhere? No problem! We can take your pet to the vet, daycare, the groomer, and etc.

  • $20 per taxi within a 5 mile radius


* A service fee of $20 will be added to any holidays

*All rates are subject to change dependent on the clients needs and situations