Meet the Owner



Hey y’all! I have 4 years experience being a dog walker/sitter. I grew up in Magnolia, TX and started caring for animals in high school. I wasn’t old enough to drive so my parents got me a golf-cart to drive to my clients in my neighborhood. I would find out later in life that it was the best job I ever had. I then moved to Houston to attend the University of Houston and starting bartending my way through college. I graduated with a Bachelors of Business in 2012 and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. For the next couple of years I soul searched. I traveled around the world and moved to New York for year. But Texas is my home and has my heart, so I decided to move back. I also got my dog Layla in those couple years and I completely fell in love with her. I realized the three things I love to be around most in life were; health and fitness, nature, and most importantly being around animals. I thought to myself what kind of job could I do that incorporates all those things? That’s when it hit me, dog walking. I soon realized I wanted to make this a career and start a business.

And that’s the way we became The Barky Bunch! We are a small and brand new business who want to focus on our clientele. We believe in sacrificing growth and profit to ensure the best care for your pet. We walk, we run, we watch; we are your dogs second best friend.